Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory Awnings

When you need Retractable Roof Awnings in Melbourne, call the friendly team at  Melbourne Awnings. Our Retractable sun roofs also known as Conservatory Awnings are designed for various purpose such as to be incorporated in to existing pergola frame or to sit above glass roof or window.

Melbourne Awnings offers various models from well known European brands: Weinor, Aluxor and Harol.
Available in medium to heavy-duty Conservatory Awnings are a most versatile retractable roof shade awning. Various systems can be made up to 6.5m x 6.5m in size.  The quality and price can be reflected in the sizes , the systems have to be designed to withstand high winds of 50kph.
Somfy and Becker motorisation have  Sun, Wind and rain sensors to help control the elements.

We work closely with architects, designers and home owners to ensure we have proposed the best possible solution to your specific requirements. Simply call us on

  • Weinor WGM Sunroof

    Weinor WGM Sunroof

    The new weinor conservatory awning even cuts a fine figure with higher wind forces up to class 6 on the Beaufort scale as a resu...
  • Weinor Plaza Viva

    Weinor Plaza Viva

    Yes, a little summer breeze is lovely. Especially if the awning remains stable despite strong gusts. Just like Plaza Viva. Thank...

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